It all started at Afrikaburn. You go once a year and have to take more things than one can possibly remember. You only end up using them once a year and it costs an arm and a leg. I mean did I really need a roof top tent..? Its pretty cool, for the five days of the year I use it, but it takes up half the garage. So why not use the easiest place out there to rent everything you need.

We are a trusted online rental marketplace consolidating the entire market into one platform. Everyday, we connect individuals who want to rent things to businesses who have them. We know that experiences and the memories thereafter are more important than owning the stuff. 

What we’re building is the opportunity to use better quality equipment. Whether it’s a top of the range camera or dress for that special event, FatPig’s got you covered. 
Why create additional supply of products that already exist in excess when one can simply rent them when required. 

Before being eligible to rent items of Fat Pig, customers go through rigorous security process. Every customer is required to submit their ID number with a picture of their ID and a selfie. We have integrated our systems with home affairs and Credit Bureau to cross-reference the information. Based on this, customers are deemed either eligible to rent or not. This takes away all the worries of your products getting in the hands of the the wrong individuals.

Renting has never been easier. Once verified to rent, only four simple steps required; “Browse” , “Rent and Pay” , “Use Responsibly” , “Return and Review”. Renting your items out

Renting your products out can be challenging, but through Fat Pig, this process is made simple. “Post” , “Accept” , “Lend” , “Earn”.

The reality is we live in a world that has lost its sense of community. Historically one may have borrowed a horse and cart from a neighbour to plough the field. Now days one barely knows the person in the flat above them. 

We aim to bring back this sense of community by connecting you to businesses nearby. Whether you’re a drone fanatic looking for some videography tips or an avid surfer deciding what board to buy next, the community is out there to help. You just need to find them.

Finally, we strongly believe in making the world a greener place. Every single manufactured item comes with a carbon footprint (harmful pollutants released into the atmosphere through the manufacturing process). From the extraction of raw materials out of our beautiful earth – the chemicals used in the manufacturing process – the cross continental transportation – the plastic packaging to the item finally falling to pieces and ending up in a landfill. 

At Fat Pig we strive to reduce these effects by maximising the use of each product and eventually drive down production as one can rent rather than own. So embark on this journey with us to a cleaner, greener and more sustainable community.


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