5 Crucial items to throw that winning Digs Jol

Throwing a digs jol can be very stressful. As it’s important that your digs throw’s the best party of the year to keep that strong reputation going.

There are a couple items that are essential to make this one to remember. Fat Pig has got you covered on all fronts and more, but we have narrowed it down to the top 5 to rent.

Behringer B115D – 1000W speakers

Let’s start with the most important of all. A great set of speakers to keep those tunes banging well into the darkness of night. Without these your party is simply not going to be a success, because simply put, who likes to party with no music, no one!

Our top choice will be the Behringer B115D – 1000W speakers. These are guaranteed to keep the vibes going, get people squeaking takkie and keep the brandy’s flowing.

Disco lights with T stand

Next on our list of crucialness, a great set of disco lights. A dancefloor is simply not a dancefloor without some good disco lights to keep those visuals going and takkies squeaking.

The T-stand isn’t crucial as long as you have an elevated spot to put them shining down on the crowd.

Native Instruments Traktor KONTROL s2 turn-table

Fat Pig’s top turn table to rent currently is the Native Instruments Traktor KONTROL s2. This beauty is capable of mixing tunes that’ll send goose pumps through your spine.

Get one of your DJ friends to spin some beats with this bad boy and save you the cost of an expensive DJ.

Trestle & Beer Pong tables

Tables for you to lay out your horribly powerful punch and cups. If you’re generous enough to provide snacks, these can go here too. Party goers love to stand around a table and solve the world’s problems in one go.

Who doesn’t like a good ol’ game of Beer Pong! Get those teams of two/three going and chuck that ping-pong ball into your friends beer and watch him down in pain. What better to get the beers flowing.

There are choices between wooden and plastic tables, whatever suits your fancy best.

Small generator 7.5KVA Genset – 1x 15A

Might be a LOL, but not a joke because with Eskom pulling fast one’s on us on a daily basis like this how can you be a safe enough! The small generator 7.5KVA Genset – 1x 15A out, our choice here is enough to keep the music pumping, lights flashing and vibes tidy! Crucial in today’s South Africa as it isn’t quite a party without these.

Simple, easy-to-use pull-start engine, get the vibes going again quickly if the boys at the powerhouse decide to cut you off.

So go all out and use this step-by-step guide to throwing the best digs jol of the year every year! Keep it simple, classy and most importantly make sure its helluva lot of fun.


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